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IMAGING USA - 2020 - Nashville, tn.


                   Jan. 16-21, 2020

Pop-Up Studios - Doing Business by the Numbers


David Stana, Cr.Photog., CPP

Session Time: Jan 18th 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Location: Opry | Canal C Room, Delta Mezzanine, Level M
Track(s): 1/2 Day Pre-Conference Training: Saturday, January 18, Business, School, Sport, Event



Have you thought about attracting new customers with more disposable income? Need extra income during the off-season? Does the idea of a Pop-Up Photography Studio in a high-end retail space excite you?  Well maybe a limited edition theme or volume Santa or Live Bunny Pop-Up Studio may be the answer.  With close to two decades of work in retail Pop-Up studios David will show you the lucrative and profitable way to increase your income.  Whether you have a studio and a pop-up is a new revenue stream, or you want a way to increase brand awareness and more $, this can add needed exposure to your business and catapult you into new markets never discovered before.

During this workshop you will learn:

  1. How to secure space at little to No cost

  2. Workflow and Processes to handle volume and speed

  3. How to expand your marketing reach

  4. What equipment & props are needed

  5. The Mini Session

  6. Posing for volume – Doing the numbers

  7. Lab Printing – On-Site

  8. Up-selling – Raising your averages

  9. Online sales techniques for maximum profits

1/2 Day Pre-Con Class - $99.00

VISIT IMAGING USA @ for More Information

David J. Stana - Background:

David J. Stana is a media professional with many international awards and has extensive experience in executing communication initiatives, both as a creative photographer, videographer, producer/director of photography and as a project and technical manager.  David has significant knowledge and experience in all media including: Still, Video, Audio, and AV technology.  David is also a Producer of award winning productions and has received international awards in photography. For the past 20 years, he has created art in portrait photography, as well as Event Photography utilizing Pop-Up Studios.  These pop-ups represent high volume photography studios with a print lab in each location. This work embraces traditional themes like Santa and live bunnies for spring and Easter displays. He has created a wonderful and profitable experience with children being his focus.  During the balance of the year he is a commercial photographer shooting for major corporations and for large businesses for special events, executive portraits, product shots, and architectural imaging.

David J. Stana, Cr. Photog., CPP

David J. Stana has a very diverse background in photography as well as the production and staging field including Producer, Director, Photographer, Cinematographer & Staging Director. His passion for photography and image capture started with his love of nature. For more than four decades starting in 1975 he traveled extensively throughout the National Parks. During that time he had photographed all the National Parks in the continental United States and Hawaii. His love of photography continued with the purchase of computer technology in the 70's to show his images in Multi-Image slide shows that later became his background to start a leading production and staging company that produced national shows for major corporation and included video production in its creative services.  

David now owns a diverse photography business that focuses on portraits, commercial photography and pop-up retail store. He has been honored with numerous international awards including a number of international Telly Awards, Matrix Awards, Nikon Response and Recognition Awards, “Flight” (was displayed in the New York Museum of Modern Art) Color Camera Club Awards and PPA – Professional Photographers of America merits. His commercial clients include a list of the Fortune 500 such as AT&T, Metropolitan Life, Alcoa, 84 Lumber, Cornell University, Snap-On-Tools, UPMC, National Council of Community Hospitals, The Coleman Company, Neiman Marcus & Raytheon to name a few.

“America in Kodachrome”  

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